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1st International E-day on Microbial Biotechnology


Invitation & Presentation


Dear colleagues,

We are very glad to announce "IDMBT 2021", the 1st international E-day on microbial biotechnologies organized by the Department of Natural and Life Sciences (SNV) of the University of Algiers 1 Benyoucef -Benkhedda.

Biotechnology is a field which covers all the technologies and applications involving the use of living materials for scientific research, or for commercial purposes. Biotechnology has now become an essential crossroads on an international scale, linking the disciplines of cell and molecular biology to the new technologies.

Contemporary biotechnology revolves mainly on the world of microorganisms and this for: their rapid reproduction, their ability to be engineered but especially their ability to produce a variety of utilities substances (antibiotics, biofuel, enzymes, biogas, biosurfactants, organic acids, alcohols, polymers, amino acids, flavors, recombinant proteins…) and of extremely high economic value. All biotechnologies, whether green, red, blue or even white, aim for cleaner processes, which generate less waste and require less energy.

This international day represents an opportunity for the exchange of ideas between the academic world of teachers - researchers, young PhD students and the industrials world with the objective to valorize the natural bio-resources and the application of sustainable green technology.




  • Theme I: Microbial Biotechnology and human Health.
  • Theme II: Microbial Biotechnology and Environment.
  • Theme III: Microbial biotechnology for the food Industry.


Important dates


  • Deadline for submission of abstracts : september 25, 2021.
  • Notification of acceptance : october 30, 2021.
  • Confirmation of participation: november 02, 2021.
  • Date of the day: november 18, 2021.


Guidelines to authors


*The abstract should be in English and not exceed 300 words; titles and text character 12 in TNR; the author and the co-authors (Surnames and names) character 10 in TNR italics; underline the main author.

*The abstract is structured under four headings:

  • Aims of the work.
  • Methods.
  • Results.
  • Conclusion.

The abstract must be saved in Word format and named: Surname_name_Abstract_IDMBT-2021.doc

*The abstract and the registration form can be downloaded from the following address: sciences.univ-alger.dz or 1st-international-e-day-on-microbial-biotechnology8.webnode.fr And should be submitted via email to: Cette adresse courriel est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. Please send a single email including the file "registration form + abstract".

*Language of the IDMBT 2021: The communication can be presented in French or English, however, the Power Point slides should be in English. The e-Posters have also to be written in English.





  • BP : Université Alger 1/ Ben Youcef Benkhedda.
  • 02 rue Didouche Mourad, Algiers, Algeria.
  • GSM : 00 213 792 104 673
  • E-mail : Cette adresse courriel est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.